Sending Parcels

Tracked Services

In the modern world, people are used to having information at their fingertips.

When parcels are sent, customers like to know where they are and when they can expect them to be delivered. Modern customers are often prepared to pay for this facility, which is a premium service.

Parcel Station have relationships with major shipping providers in the UK and across the world. We offer Direct Entry Solutions to 10+ major destinations, meaning we can help you meet the demands of your customers may it be International E-commerce for tracked and signed options to 190+ countries at a reasonable price.

In some territories, it’s recommended to use a tracked service to avoid fraud, parcel loss or other issues that affect the satisfaction of your customers. We offer 24/48/72-hour tracked services to all UK locations.

Courier Tracking Parcel Delivery

Untracked Services

At Parcel Station, we work with leading shipping carriers across the world. This allows us to provide you a wide range of options to ship your goods to anywhere in the world.

While we would like to send everything from International flats to large letters and packets with tracking, it’s not always viable. You ARE running a business, after all. Therefore, we can help you to look at what you’re sending and where. We can then identify the shipping providers, and services, that will get you good performance, for the volumes of traffic you need to move, at a price that won’t break the bank.

A good business is one that meets the needs of its customers with the right partners, at a price which not only they can afford, but their customers can! At Parcel Station, we’re here to help you achieve that, so you can smile, and so can your customers.

Tracking and Scanning Parcels

Solutions For Online

For e-commerce at large, so much is in the delivery. If your website is your only channel, it’s possible that the only tangible experiences a customer has with you is the packet or parcel they’ll hold in their hands.

We’ll help to uphold your reputation, because poor service hurts more than just your brand – it affects your bottom line.

Parcel Station is used for delivering all manner of packages that require a higher standard of secure delivery that you would find from any conventional parcel delivery company.

Customers will come to see their Parcel Station delivery experience as a seamless extension of your brand promise.

Multi-Channel Delivery

We believe when we deliver your parcel were not just a courier, were partners representing your brand. We keep our high-quality service consistent giving your customers a great experience just as if they would have visited your store.

You will benefit from excellent rates and shipping options. This is made possible through integration with multiple couriers, offering a wide range of service levels and pricing.

This approach offers a convenient and hassle-free delivery experience and ensures that up to 95 per cent of our parcels are delivered first time.

Amazon & eBay

Do you worry about getting all your parcels out every day?

Do you have to pick up the parcels that may not be ready when your pickup arrives at 3 pm? We can discuss a later pickup with you, feeding all your parcels through our depots and into the networks of the shipping providers for delivery to their buyers.

Working with Parcel Station gives you access to great prices from all the leading carriers, advice from experts to help you pick the right services for you and much more. Parcel Station can even do the pickups for you in their own vans if you’re near one of their locations – The sorting happens once it reaches Parcel Station, and then your parcels are off to the customers!

Online Seller Delivering Parcels